Removable Inflatable Sponsens for Rescue Airboats

In our opinion, every rescue airboat needs a pair of these tubes asap! They are a lot more safe, add a lot of stability, and only adds 50lbs of extra weight. They will enable the user to go into deep water, high wind and waves, with a lot more confidence. Helping to insure the safety of the occupants; rescuers and the rescued alike.

These are 'Aftermarket Removable Air Inflatable Sponsons/Tubes' for standard Aluminum Airboat Hull. adds 3000lbs flotation! Very strong semi-permanent attachment, easily removable, easy to install, tough and functional. Multi chambered, accessories include: rub strake, handles, D-rings, colors, size, shape.

Material is pvc coated nylon, plus aluminum rail, and stainless steel screws. Kit includes: counter sink bit and drill bit and tap bit with directions on how to install. Price starts at $2,995 for a basic 16ft. Choice of 5 colors; black, red, yellow, blue, and white. Shipping weight 50lbs.

There is an upper and a lower rail attachment. The tubes become static once inflated. These tubes are very strong and durable. You could pick up entire boat with just one sponson. Would take the power of a car to drag off one of the d-rings. and this would still not damage the rail system.

Run the boat into trees or docks or other boats. without damage to tubes. The sun shine, UV light, does the most harm. If you left tubes in the sun all day every day, tubes would last 5 years. In a garage 20+ years. Easily repairable; like fixing a bicycle tube, glue and patch.

For long distance travel? Deflate, remove tubes, put in bag in trunk of car, rails stay semi-permanently affixed to boat and out of the way. I have tried to answer all your questions here, if you come up with some more let me know.

Thanks, Billy Miller,, 575-776-3841

"Every rescue airboat needs a pair of these tubes asap!"

About This Project

Here is a product that will make Rescue Airboats 100x safer. Product installs on standard aluminum hull airboat. This product will revolutionize the safe use of airboats. making them many times more stable. Imagine confidently going into rough seas with an airboat, or getting caught in the wind on a lake and not having to worry about swamping and sinking.

Aftermarket kit to put sponsens/tubes on a Rescue Airboat.

Kit includes:
1 pair "two tubes pvc air inflatable" 16' long, 22" diameter.
Aluminum rail attachment all hardware included and directions for installation.
We use high tech plastics and state-of-the-art materials.
Starting price is $2,995 up to $16,786; any size, color or shape.

We have developed two products in the airboat market and both are designed to do just that. From a smoother ride on ice, to improving safety in hazardous conditions, Airboatwest is committed to safety and performance.

The best part is the way the tubes are installed. Fairly simple and they look very nice, professional, and highly functional. Does not alter the dynamics of normal operation. Tubes become part of the boat, very strong, providing over 3000lbs of flotation while adding only 50lbs of weight. Easy to install / removable. Tubes can be any size, color or shape. Patent Pending. See pics showing the aftermarket tubes mounted onto an "old" airboat hull.

We plan to market the tubes to Fire Departments in the US and Canada. FD's already have airboats for rescue. FD's need something to prevent their airboats from sinking in a hazardous situation. There are many instances where the rescuing agency was overwhelmed by mother nature and the rescuers needed rescuing. Sinking the airboat is becoming somewhat commonplace, and in one instance, it took the rescued passenger with it.

We work closely with an Airboat company in Florida and FL3 search and rescue. They are in agreement that this is a much needed accessory.

I work closely with another airboat company/guru in Florida. I'm a member of FL3 search and rescue. I have a boat patent and have been working on rescue boats for 5 years. I have personally participated in 100's of rescues. This is a much needed accessory for the rescue boat industry. It will save lives, it will save boats, and ultimately it will save tax payer dollars.


"Airboatwest is currently engaged in promoting the technology for the safe operation of rescue airboats. This product will enable the safe operation of airboats in extreme environmental conditions and provide a stable platform for water rescues. Additionally, because of airboats now being used in the rescue arena, this product would be a cost effective way to retrofit any existing airboat presently being used. Our goal and mission is to save lives and promote safe airboat operations worldwide." - Kevin R. FL3 Search

We have been in the airboat industry at a manufacturing level for 33 years and have seen a real need for some kind of floatation system in all airboats, especially in rough lak's and fast current. I think that all rescue airboats, commercial 6-packs, 16-passenger Coast Guard certified, and bow fishing airboats should have level floatation. I support the bolt on system made by Airboatwest. They are also working on a system that could be incorporated into every airboat at the manufacturing level." - David L. McClain with Alumitech Airboats Inc.

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