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U.S. Patent No. 8,939,805



What We Do

We build rescue specific airboats designed to carry passengers or 2,250 pounds cargo in shallow water, rough sea, or rapid rivers with treacherous current.

We also retrofit sponsons for any and all existing airboats, and build rigid hull inflatable airboats. Complete mobile airboat shop. We will show up on location and remedy any of your airboat needs.

Realize the powerful potential of airboat rescue when combined with the
safety of swiftwater, whitewater, open sea, ice, and shallow water capabilities.
Designed to keep inhabitants safe in hazardous situations.

"I designed the POWERRAFT to keep me safe and rescue people."

What We Sell

   Boats: Rescue & Whitewater




   Wire Cloth


   Fabrication Materials

What We Build


   Rescue Boats




We custom retrofit sponsons onto existing airboats for extra added stability and amazing anti-sinkability. We maintain the qualities of an airboat with all the benefits of a rigid-hull inflat-


3/16 Marine Grade
  Stainless Steel Tubing

Aluminum Fuel Tanks

PVC, Hypalon, & Polyurathane

Composite Propellors

Cat Tubes

Air inflatable/foam filled poly-
  urathane bullet-proof to 9mm.

Scratch & abrasion resistant.

Impervious to gas, oil, diesel.

Cat Tubes come standard with
  bottom & side rub strake.

Speed Tubes are available
  any size.

Tubes have multiple
  chambers (baffles).

Will bounce off rocks and act
  as bumpers or fenders.

High-Tech materials maintain
  integrity and stay color-fast for
  many years.


The POWERRAFT is designed
to be rescue specific.

20' long, 10' wide, 9' tall.
1,500 pounds wet.
425 horsepower.
15,000 pound total flotation.
2,250 pounds operating cargo


Marinized 450HP is our entry level for the all aluminum airboat motors.
Using all aluminum motors provides several benefits over the iron blocks.
Weight is the most obvious benefit which makes a boat run better in every way.
These motors weigh around 500lbs complete with all accessories and a gear box.

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For over 35 years, Pleasurecraft Engine Group has provided the ultimate in premium power for the world’s finest inboard watersports boats, motor yachts and sportfishing vessels. The leading brand of openwater gas power for over 55 years.
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